Vicar :  
Decon:  Ann Gaston
Organist:  Luke Larkin
Wardens:  Leona Davies and Ellen Hill
Office Administrator: Pat Perrier
Treasurer:  Steve Rae

Bishop’s Committee: Clark Davis, Trudy Myers, Peggy McCarthy, Marc Worst

Altar Guild:  Pat Steiner, Joyce Moore
Hospitality: Lillian Hensley
Daughters of the King: Pat Perrier, Facilitator
Prayer Shawl: Jan McElheny

email:  [email protected]

St. John’s is led by a Bishop’s Committee (church board) comprised of nine elected representatives from the church. In addition to the Bishop Committee members there are Wardens who provide leadership and each is recommended by the Vicar (Priest) for election. These eleven individuals collaborate to oversee all the operations of the church and are committed to working closely with the clergy to meet all the specific tasks. Bishop Committee members are elected each year for three year terms with three members rotating off each year and replaced by new members. Both the Wardens are also elected for three year terms. None of these leaders can run for consecutive terms of office, but after a one year break individuals are able to run for a vacancy if they wish. In addition to these offices other annually appointed positions include the Treasurer and the Clerk of the Bishop’s Committee.

The Bishop’s Committee meets on the third Sunday of each month after the 10:30 AM service. Each meeting begins with prayer. The committee hears reports and receives updates on the various ministries. These meetings are chaired by the Wardens who collaborates with the Vicar (Priest) in planning the agendas. All decisions related to planning the budget and monitoring the flow of revenues versus expenditures is also the responsibility of the Bishop’s Committee.

The church has a part-time Secretary to assist in carrying out the administrative tasks.

How one can be involved in the administration of St. John’s:
• Bishop’s Committee – This group of individuals is elected to oversee the operations and ministries of the church. Elections are held each year at the annual meeting. There are 9 members on the Bishop’s Committee and they are rotated off every three years.
• Office Volunteers: Office volunteers are people who help to cover the office when the part-time Secretary is not in the office. In addition these individuals help to carry out clerical duties to help ensure that office responsibilities are met. The Secretary is responsible for determining the specific roles volunteers will carry out.
• Counters/Helpers: The Treasurer oversees this group of volunteers who assist him/her by counting the Sunday offering and entering the data in our computer system to ensure that our records are carefully maintained. Helpers might be involved in assisting in carrying out other activities related to the financial operations of the church.
• Finance Committee: This is a group of individuals who oversee the financial transaction and activities of the church. Membership on the committee includes the Treasurer, at least one other Bishop Committee person, and representation from the Counters.
• Building and Grounds: This is a group of people who use their gifts to help maintain the facilities and property of St. John’s. Under the supervision a Warden, specific projects will be identified and plans will be put in place to accomplish identified tasks. The congregation is invited to participate in these activities.